Non-press based mono-printing.

Ways into 'Drawing.'

Technically accessible from year 2 upwards.

Presents lots of opportunities for further development of work.

Themed around the project of mini beasts in this example. The techniques introduced are easily adaptable to different themes and can be used on a variety of materials, including paper, cardboard, wood and fabrics. The techniques are a great 'cheats' way to draw, a great way to re-develop confidence in drawing at a stage when so often children lose heart because something they draw doesn't appear as an accurate representation.  This workshop gives plenty of cheating ideas, or rather, ways into drawing. The results are really beautiful and flexible. Children can further stitch &/or applique into work, adding potential for further skills and image development through textiles techniques. Images can be developed through paint, introducing opportunities for exploring colour work and using wet materials. Children can work either individually or collaboratively, joining images together, morphing images, large and small scale possibilities... the list is almost endless.