Artist Statement

I investigate landscapes specifically through my female lens, expanding my research into lost female histories, and re-addressing suppressed origin stories. I explore principles of care in relation to the environment/ landscape. What gestures do we make on the landscape? What trace do we leave? - a photograph? a sketch? a painting? a memory? a slice of film? a red rag?.

Often my work is performative, temporary, fleeting, a kind of happening. It usually occurs outside, conversing with the elements, and involves a measuring of the scale of our human bodies against the forces of nature. It is time spent being present with the landscape that sustains us (at least for now). Weather and conditions are unpredictable and in a way, that is the whole point, to converse with the elements and notice what happens, to visit and leave the landscape as it was found, leave no trace. Not to dominate, own, consume, its legacy is caring. Its values are ecofeminist.

Intuition, collaboration, community and care are integral to my practice. Embodying Leopolds land ethic , expanding the boundaries of the idea of community to include the soils, waters, plants and animals, all living matter and creatures, with non-hierarchical approaches to making and working. My practice is mulit-disciplinary, including drawing, printmaking, collage, body adornment and moving image. My collaborations with children, other artists and other people invite elements of performance, enabling a dynamic, cyclical and more conversational translation of my research into practice.

The bleak spectral landscape of the Dark Peak is the landscape I have inhabited for many years, and it, has inhabited me and my art practice.

'Environments inhabit us'... 'these places that we take into ourselves and make part of us, so that we are made of all the places we've loved, or all the places where we changed. We pick up bits and pieces from each of them and hold them all in ourselves.' (Agnes Varda, filmmaker).

Recent work has involved working directly in these deserted moorland landscapes, and nearby mill towns in a variety of site specific ways, involving performative walking investigations of female bodies occupying different spaces and places. This accompanied by visual and symbolic studies of various plant life including moorland heathers, mosses and ancient varieties of wheat. I am particularly interested in the historical correlations between the origin story of Circe the witch, her pharmaka, later medieval herb witches, contemporary ecofeminism and emergent queer ecologies.

I make iconic symbols of women in the landscape, I have a ritualistic practice, and am interested in the political and psychological ramifications of symbols on the feminist movement.