Artist Statement

I am a multi-disciplinary artist working across drawing, collage, printmaking, artist books, body adornments and artist films.

Walking is central to my methodology. I am a flaneuse, a wanderer, observing the minutiae of landscape. My stomping ground is the peak district moorland and surrounding sub-urban wilderness; from barren moorland to terraced street, playground and the domestic landscape. These northern landscapes are very important to me, they have shaped my outlook, attitude and aesthetic. My work is about charting and navigating these personal landscapes through a female lens.

'Environments inhabit us'... 'these places that we take into ourselves and make part of us, so that we are made of all the places we've loved, or all the places where we changed. We pick up bits and pieces from each of them and hold them all in ourselves.' (Agnes Varda, filmmaker).

I use whatever is to hand to make with, out of necessity but also as a counter culture to mass consumerism. My making is about the process, in particular it is about editing and cutting as much as possible to the extreme edges of almost losing form. What remains intrigues me; floating fragments of landscape, dis-assembled pieces and spectres of original images. An endless fascination with atrophy; decline, erode, erase, underuse, overlook and neglect. Making often feels more like un-making, involving deconstruction of images, fabrics or printing plates. I am very conscious of the problem of making things in this cultural framework that is saturated in images and things. Hence much of my work exists in quite fragile, precarious states on a small intimate scale.

Seriality, duration and scale are themes I explore. Current themes concern intimacy and distance as mothering, life and work have become even more interlaced and inseparable in a global pandemic. 'Morning Blues' brings the faraway sky nearby, onto the screen on the desk. A subtle, almost still film, that asks what it means to look.

My practice is under-pinned by eco-feminist theories, sustainability ethics and a raised consciousness of materiality in a digital age.

I also collaborate with other people, teach and organise art projects in the public realm, using art to help foster connectivity to our landscape and each other.